About Toor Dal

Learn about toor dal benefits and names in tamil, telugu, kannada, bengali, malayalam, odia, gujarati, marathi, punjabi, etc.

Toor dal is a type of lentil and found all over the world. In India, Toor dal is generally eaten in every state of India and it has a great amount of nutrition value.

Toor Dal Meaning and Translation

Toor DalNames
EnglishYellow pigeon peas
TamilThuvaram Paruppu or Paruppu
TeluguKandi Pappu
KannadaTogari Bele
BengaliTura Dala
MalayalamSambar Parippu
OdiaHarada Dali
GujaratiTuvar Dal
MarathiAmti Dal
PunjabiArhar Dal
HindiArhar Dal (Pili Dal)

Toor dal is a very famous type of lentil and you can find different types of toor dal recipes on YouTube.

Toor Dal Nutrition Value

Toor Dal is loaded with protein and vitamins and it is also rich in dietary fibers. adding 50 to 100 grams of toor dal to your diet can get you benefits.