Alphabet A With Pictures

Alphabet A for words with pictures chart will help your kid learn alphabet A letter quickly. all the popular A letter words are written in this post and in the chart. With letter A words and pictures your child can learn and memorize A for words effortlessly.

alphabet a for words with pictures
A for words

List Of A For Words For Kids

A For WordsA for Words Example
Applea popular fruit
Antants are small insects
Airplaneam air transportation
Astronauta person who travels in space
Advocatea profession of the court
Animalan animal is a living creature
Anchora device attached to a ship
Angela good person or imaginary fairy
Artista person with artistic talent
Achievementsomething was successfully done by a person
Axea tool to cut objects like wood
Arrowsign pointing to something
Aligatora water creature
Acornoaktree small nut
Actualsomething in real
Arounddifferent direction of a place
Alwaysevery time, all-time, or regularly
Allthe whole of a thing
Acrossdifferent sides of a place
Actioneverything we do is actions
Accessgetting into something
Armya force to protect a country
Agencya company that gives service to others
Advancethings that are high tech or really smart
Amountcurrency or a set of money
Authora book author
Actingactors do acting in movies
Admiresomething you really like
Approvethe company approved my application
Ariseto grow up or become successful
Arrestpolice arrested thief
Audiosound of something
Appealmaking a request for something
Apologya written statement of something you are sorry for
Awesomesomething really cool
Anyoneanyone can join this club
Analyzeanalyzing a report
Acceptaccepting something from others
Activei am active in sports
Answermy answer is right
Actoran actor who acts on movies, shows, or plays
Actressan actress who acts on movies shows or plays
Antiqueold and valuable things
Attendattending a party
Affordi can’t afford this car
Adjusti am adjusting the volume
Afraidfear from something
Almonda dry fruit
Againrepeating something
Albuma group of songs

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