Alphabet B With Pictures

Alphabet B for words with pictures will help your child learn and memorize alphabet letter B word. Pictures are given in front of each word that will helps kids to easily memorize the Alphabet letter B.

Alphabet B for words With Pictures

List Of B For Words For Kids

B For WordsB for Words Example
Balla round bouncy object used in sports
Bananaa yellow skin fruit
Birda creature who flies
Busbig public transportation vehicle
Beesmall insects that make honey
Bata black color flying creature
Bellan object that makes a ringing sound
Babyyoung born child
Bearbig in size and heavy in weight wild animal
Buttonround size small object used to fasten clothes
Bulba round glass that runs on electricity and gives light
Bookwritten work in printed or electronic form
Breakfastearly morning food
Brainthe body part which makes a creature smart
Boya young male human
Balloonround shape object filled with air
Butterflysmall flying insect
Bagcontainer use to carry objects
Bucketa round open container
Boatwater transportation vehicle