Alphabet C Words With Pictures

Here is the list of alphabet C for words with pictures for kids. Kids will definitely enjoy learning these alphabet C letter words with pictures.

Alphabet C for Words With Pictures
C for words

List Of C For Words For Kids

C For WordsC for Words Example
Carroad traveling vehicle
Catsmall domestic animal
Cowmilking animal
Carrotred-colored fruit
Cookiedry sweet-tasting food
Cakesoft and sweet food
Coatupper body wear
Cameldry place animal such as deserts
Combhair item use to set hair
Candlean object made from fat or oil with string
Coina round object made from iron and use to purchase things
Compassdirection finding machine
Cupthe item in which the beverage is kept
Coucha couch is a very comfortable object for sitting
Castlea tall fort with tall walls
Candysmall chewy sweets
Cameraphotographing machine
Crownheadwear use to worn by king maharajas
Coconuta hard hairy shell fruit