Alphabet Letter E With Pictures

Alphabet E For Words With Pictures For Kids

List of E For Words For Kids

E For WordsE for Words Example
Elephantelephants are big animals
Eggeggs are healthy food
Eleveneleven is a number that comes after ten
Elbowmy elbow is hurting
Earmy ear is blocked
Exercisei regularly do exercise
Emailsend me email
Eatingi am eating right now
Emptythe glass is empty
Enjoyi really enjoy playing cricket
Experimentscientis do experiment
Eyeyour eye color is blue
Erasereraser use to erase pencil writing
Eagleeagles are smart bird
Envelopedid you got the envelope
Enginemy car engine is damaged
Exitthis is the exit gate
Excitedi am really excited about the game
Easti live in east india
Earthearth is round not flat