Alphabet Letter D With Pictures

Alphabet D For Words With Pictures For Kids

D For Words List For Kids

D For WordsD for Words Sentences
Dogi have a pomeranian dog
Donkeydonkeys are hardworking animals
Duckduck is a bird
Dolphindolphins are very smart
Deerdeer is my favorite animal
Dicei like to play with dice
Dancei like to learn dance
Doordoor is open
Dressmy dress is beautiful
Diamondi have diamond
Dinosaurdinosaurs are extinct animals of the earth
Dreammy dream is to become successful in life
Dollkids like to play with dolls
Deserti have never been to the desert
Drumi have a drum set in my room
Darti am really good at throwing a dart in the game
Doctordoctors treat a sick person
Dadmy dad is the best
Digdig the garden and plant a tree
Dirtthere is so much dirt in here