Alphabet Letter F for Words With Pictures

F for Words With Pictures

List of F for Words For Kids

F For WordsF for Words Sentences
Fishfish is a water creature
Fanfan gives air
Fourfour is a number that comes after three
Foxfox is a wild animal
Fingerhumans have five fingers
Foodi like Indian food
Flowerrose flower is my favorite
Frogfrogs are small creature lives in water or near water
Flagevery country have their own flag sign
Facekeep a smile on your face
Firewe have to stop the fire
Forki use a fork to eat
Fruiti like fruits
Familymy family is the best in the world
Funwe did a lot of fun in the circus
Fallmy hat fell down
Farmy home is far away from the city
Fogwhite cloud made from water vapor
Fasti run very fast
Fakesomething not original