Learn the Kannada language with the help of the English language. Learn Vocabulary words, conversation sentences, etc through English.

Top 101 Kannada to English Conversation Sentences

Kannada to English Conversation Sentences: Improve your English conversation through the Kannada to English conversation sentences. These sentences are the most used sentences and phrases in the English language and you should definitely learn these conversation sentences to enhance your English communication skill. Below are 101 widely used Kannada Sentences with English meaning. Learn These Kannada …

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Learn the driections names in kannda langauge. All the directions East West North South are listed following in the table. Learning how to say directions names in the Kannada language is as easy as in any other language like English. English to Kannada directions names will help you learn directions easily. Directions Dhikkugalu In Kannda …

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Kannada Opposite Words

Kannada opposite words: Here is the list of some daily used opposite words in the Kannada language. Popular Kannada Opposite Words Learning opposite words is a great way to increase vocabulary power and learn new words. Opposite words help us to learn and remember new words easily. These Kannda opposite words will help you learn …

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Examples Of Letter Writing In Kannada

Types and examples of Letter writing in Kannada: Toady in this post you will learn how to write different types of letters in the Kannada language and their formats. I have included popular types of letters in Kannada like formal letters, informal, letters, official letters, etc. Before electronic communication, the mode of letter communication was …

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List Of 1000+ Common Kannada Words

Kannada Words Vocabulary – This is a list of 1000+ daily used Kannada Words with English meaning. Learn Common Kannada Words with the help of English. Numbers Kannada Words In English 1 ನಮ್ಮ Our 2 ಅವಳು she 3 ನಾನು I 4 ನಾವು we 5 ನೀವು you 6 ಅವರು they 7 ಒಳ್ಳೆಯದು good 8 ಕೆಟ್ಟದು bad …

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