Learn the Tamil language with the help of the English language. Learn Vocabulary words, conversation sentences, etc through English.

Top 101 Tamil to English Conversation Sentences

Tamil to English Conversation Sentences: Improve your English conversation through the Tamil to English conversation sentences. These sentences are the most used sentences and phrases in the English language and you should definitely learn these conversation sentences to enhance your English communication skill. Below are 101 widely used Tamil Sentences with English meaning. Learn These …

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Directions In Tamil East West North South Directions names in Tamil languages. Learn these direction names in English and Tamil language and improve your knowledge and vocabulary at the same time. See the table and learn how to say directions names in Tamil. Directions In Tamil Pronunciation North வடக்கு Vadakku South தெற்கு Terakku East கிழக்கு …

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Tamil Letter Writing Formats

Tamil Letter Writing Formats 2021: Letter writing in the Tamil language is more sophisticated for those people who don’t know the format of the Tamil letter while others find Tamil letter writing a really simple and easy task to do. Today on this page you will learn about different types of Tamil letter writing formats …

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Tamil Number Names 1 to 100

This is a list of Tamil numbers Names from 1 to 100 in words. Learn Tamil number Names with English numbers. Numbers In Devanagari Tamil Numbers In English 1 १ ஒன்று One 2 २ இரண்டு Two 3 ३ மூன்று Three 4 ४ நான்கு Four 5 ५ ஐந்து Five 6 ६ ஆறு Six 7 ७ ஏழு …

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List Of 1000+ Common Tamil Words

Tamil Words Vocabulary – This is a list of 1000+ daily used Tamil Words with English meaning. Learn Common Tamil Words with the help of English. Numbers Tamil Words In English 1 நமது Our 2 அவள் she 3 எங்களுக்கு us 4 நாங்கள் we 5 நீங்கள் you 6 அவர்கள் they 7 நல்ல good 8 மோசமான bad 9 …

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