Learn Bengali Alphabets Through Hindi

bengali hindi alphabet letters
Learn Bengali Hindi Alphabet

Learn Bengali to Hindi alphabets Letters With pronunciation. Whether you want to learn Bengali alphabets with Hindi or Hindi through Bengali you can follow the information given in this post. Hindi and Bengali both languages are rich in culture and diversity.

Hindi Alphabet LettersBengali Alphabet Letters
क (Ka)
ख (Kha)
ग (Ga)
घ (Gha)
ङ (Anga)
च (Ch)
छ (Chh)
ज (Ja)
झ (Jha)
ञ (Nya)
ट (Ta)
ठ (Tha)
ड (Da)
ढ (Dha)
ण (Ana)
त (Ta)
थ (Tha)
द (Da)
ध (Dha)
न (Na)
प (Pa)
फ (Pha)
ब (Ba)
भ (Bha)
म (Ma)
य (Ya)
र (Ra)
ल (La)
व (Wa)
श (Sha)
ष (Sh)
स (Sa)
ह (Ha)

Learn From Hindi Bengali Alphabet Chart

Learn Bengali Hindi Alphabet with the chart given below. The Bengali Hindi Alphabet chart will help you memorize alphabet letters fast and in an effective way. Remember Hindi and Bengali are two different languages but both have some similarities which means you can learn these 2 languages more easily.

Bengali Hindi Alphabet chart

Bengali Hindi Vowels Alphabet Letters

Learn these Bengali Hindi alphabet vowels letters to improve your language learning skills even more. Understanding a language by learning vowel letters is a great practice.

Hindi VowelsBengali Vowels
अ (A)
आ (Aa)
इ (i)
ई (ee)
उ (U)
ऊ (Oo)
ऋ (R)
ए (E)
ऐ (Ae)
ओ (O)
औ (Au)
अं (An)অং
अः (Ah)অঃ

Learn Bengali Hindi Alphabet From Video

If you are getting confuse by these alphabet letters than watch the video given below to understand Bengali Hindi alphabet in a better way.

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