Marathi Letter Writing Format

New Marathi Letter Writing 2021: Letter writing in Marathi is quite a simple task to do and anyone can write Marathi letters after learning the perfect format of the letter. Today in this post you will get to know about various Marathi letter and their format sample. The page carried different types of Marathi letters: formal letter, informal letter, job letter, school sick leave letter, and office sick leave letter.

Whether you are searching for an official letter or a personal letter you will find it here. Use the table of content to find Marathi letters based on your interest. Letters are used everywhere whether you are a school boy or an office-going person you will need to write a letter at some point. Learn these Marathi letter formats and so you can write them anywhere.

Marathi Letter Writing Formats and Examples

These Marathi letter writing examples will help you learn how to write different types of Marathi letters without doing mistakes. These are the basic yet most used Marathi letter types you should consider learning. If you are searching for Marathi official letter types of business letter types then you should consider going for Marathi formal letter writing format.

Marathi Formal Letter Writing Format

Marathi Formal Letter Writing format

Format of the formal letter/application in Marathi: The formal letter format can seem confusing to you but if practice the format then you can easily understand and learn. Please read all the guidance below to fully understand Marathi formal letter format.

Name & Address

At the top put the name of the sender means if you are sending the letter then put your name at the top. After that write the address in case if the recipient wants to contact the sender then he/she can send a letter to the sender’s address. You can put the name and address on the top of the letter left side or right side.


After writing the address just mention the date you are writing the letter. Not mentioning the date can be seen as unprofessional by companies and organizations so don’t forget to mention the date.

Add Salutation Like Dear, Respected, Etc

In this section write greetings to the person you are writing letter. Examples Dear Sir/Madam, Respected Sir/Madam.

Main Body of The Marathi Formal Letter

Formal letters are considered professional letter all over the world means the content on the letter must be written professionally. Some people use such a tone that they are writing to their friends or family which counted as a bad writing habit in the formal letter writing.

End The Letter

The best way to end the Marathi formal letter is to show some honor and put your signature at the end for official purposes. After the main body write Yours Sincerely or Yours Faithfully off course in the Marathi language like shown in the Marathi formal letter. Add your signature at the end and finish the letter.

Marathi Informal Letter Writing Format

marathi informal letter writing format

Format of the informal letter/application in Marathi: The informal letter format is considerably easy to understand and learn. There no need to be a professional letter writer when writing this type of letter. In Marathi informal letter writing you will need to understand only two things, First, if you are writing to an elder person then be respectful in your tone. Second, if you are writing to your friend or younger then use a friendly tone but not a harsh or rude tone.

See the example of the Marathi informal letter format and learn how to write informal letters in the Marathi language.

Marathi Job Letter Writing Format

marathi job letter writing format

Marathi Job letter/application writing format: The job letter type is deemed as an official letter hence, the format of this letter is the same as the formal letter with some changes. See the example of Marathi job letter formal and learn how to write a job letter in Marathi.

This is a Marathi resume cover letter but you can write any Marathi job letter by learning this letter format. If you are writing a Marathi job resume cover letter then this letter format will be best for you. Use this letter format to write a job letter in your own words.

Marathi Office Sick Leave Letter Writing Format

marathi office sick leave letter writing format

Marathi Office Sick Leave Letter/application Writing Format: If you are finding a Marathi office sick leave letter example then this letter is best for you. use this letter format to write a Marathi office sick leave letter.

The office leave application letter in Marathi is actually easy to write. It is important to ask for leave from the office for some days in a professional way. So I have included the best example for an office sick leave letter in the Marathi language. See the example of the Marathi office sick leave letter and learn the format of the letter.

Marathi School Sick Leave Letter Writing Format

marathi school leave letter writing format

Marathi School Sick Leave Letter/application Writing Format: Writing a letter to the principal for leave from school in Marathi is not a hard job if you know the format of the leave application. See the example to understand and learn the format of the school leave letter application in Marathi.

School sick leave letter format is important to learn whether you are in 6th class or 10th or 12th standard you should learn to write school sick leave letter as well as other basic letter writing.

Marathi Letter Writing For 10th Standard Students

Video Sample of Marathi letter writing tips for 10th class students.

Marathi New Letter Format 2021

Video sample of new Marathi letter format for ssc, cbse, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th, etc.