English Marathi Barakhadi

English Marathi Barakhadi Worksheet is made for Kids and for those who want to learn the Marathi language from scratch. This English Marathi Barakhadi is written in Devanagri script in an organized and simple way, so anyone can easily understand this Marathi to English barakhadi. English Marathi Barakhadi Here’s the table of barakhadi in Marathi […]

Marathi Numbers Names 1 to 100 | Marathi Ginti Words

This is a list of Marathi numbers Names from 1 to 100 in words. Learn Marathi numbers Names with English numbers. 1 to 100 Marathi Numbers Names Numbers Devanagari Numbers Marathi Numbers In English 1 १ एक One 2 २ दोन Two 3 ३ तीन Three 4 ४ चार Four 5 ५ पाच Five 6 […]